Do you want to increase the satisfaction and efficiency of your temporary workers? Do you want to always be one step ahead of your competitors? Work with a partner who will provide you with the top quality service on the market with the highest added value.

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Why work with Grafton Recruitment?

The benefits of a temporary workforce


We provide comprehensive white-collar and blue-collar temporary services. Grafton acts as the employer – we sign employment contracts with the contingent workers, assign them to work for you, pay their salary, social security, and health insurance and comply with labour law. In turn, you are able to supervise these temporary workers, organize, control, and manage their work without worrying about administration or payroll.


This service represents the transfer of your current employees to Grafton who will provide the complete administration of the employment relationship. The workers become Grafton employees and they are subsequently assigned to work for your company.


This service enables you to employ a worker on “probation”. The worker initially becomes a Grafton employee who is temporarily assigned to work for you. In the case of mutual satisfaction, you can easily enter into a permanent employment relationship with the worker. This enables you to have maximum peace of mind when hiring a new employee.


At Grafton, we are experts in providing you with large skilled workforces in a short time period. This helps you to manage increases in demand or multiple projects quickly and cost-effectively. We manage attraction, deployment, shifts, and payroll leaving you to focus on your business.



Database of 500,000 fully screened temps

With the largest fully screened temp database in CEE, all of our temps are fully referenced and we provide you with our temps’ work history. This ensures peace of mind as an only quality staff is provided saving you time and money spent with unsuitable temps. 

Quality of service

We strive harder to provide the best customer service. We work together with you
to satisfy your organizations’ needs. Our customer service includes regular service
checks, follow-up calls, and satisfaction assessments. Our after-care ensures that your
concerns can be dealt with promptly reducing time and cost to your business.

Reporting and monitoring

We help you drive business performance. We provide you with the management
information you need to help you improve productivity and reduce costs including:
Time to ll ratios | Employee turnover | Sickness | Rate of absenteeism/Attendance.

Temp care

We have a unique Temp Care program which ensures that your temps are fully
motivated, recognized, and rewarded, creating a sense of your employer brand and
creating a happy and productive workforce. Our Temp Care program includes;
Testing; Training; On-Boarding of the Candidates; Exit Interviews; Satisfaction Surveys;
Employee Gifts; and Promotions for Employees.

24-Hour Service

Our 24x7 service means that you can reach us at any time, day or night. Our temps are available when you need them and our speed of response allows you to handle emergencies easily giving you peace of mind

Onsite solution

We can provide an On-Site dedicated consultant to manage your workforce and
fit seamlessly into your team. This provides you and your staff with immediate
service. Our in-house project coordinators ensure total efficiency and integration
with your processes.


 We look for innovation everywhere and we constantly work on hiring the best people,
creating the best processes and developing the best technology to improve the
performance of your business. Our professional and industrial temp solutions are the
best on the market and constantly developing due to our philosophy of continuous