''Firstly, thank you for contacting me about the job opportunity I was in process for. It was a smooth experience and you were quick in replies.
You seem like a nice person. I appreciate the honesty and the insights you knew about the project. You did a good job explaining the circumstances under which I could work with them and you were able to provide a common ground, which might lead to an agreement in the future. Thanks again for the work and effort you put into arranging all the bits and pieces of info, which made the entire process to be a pleasant experience.''  Ovidiu Giurgiu / Software Developer


"I was approached a few months ago by Lucia Arion (from Grafton Recruitment) for a leading role in a brand new factory. Despite the times we live in now, the entire recruitment process was an example of seriosity and availability, with a result more than expected in a very short time. Impressed by the showed professionalism, it was a pleasure to discuss my future with this company and I recommend it with confidence to all people who want a positive result and a constructive collaboration. It was a pleasure to work with you Lucia, thank you for your support." George Omelco / Process Leader


''The experience I had with Lucia was marked by professionalism, respect, and seriousness. She showed dedication and support in my need to get the job I wanted. The technique used and Lucia's tact during the recruitment period made possible a new professional challenge collaboration that proved to be beneficial for my career path. It has been a great pleasure for me to work together and I hope that all professional interactions will be as equally smooth.'' Rebeca Preda / Quality Engineer


''The collaboration with GI Group, to find me a new job, was very good. Thanks again for your help and your fast feedback. If I will need a new professional challenge in the future, I turn to you, no doubt J I rely on GI Group for seriousness because, at least for me, it was a very fair and transparent process. The steps unraveled quickly and I appreciated that all the initially established details were respected. Thank you, Madalina, and the GI Group team for your help in finding this job and keep in touch.'' Roxana Marcu / Accountant Luxembourg team


"My name is Laurențiu Cioinac and I participated in a recruitment process for the position of Logistics Manager, a process coordinated by Ms. Nicoleta Preduț. Although I have quite a rich experience in what interviews mean, this time the process was different. In addition to the fact that I was kept constantly informed of the steps of the recruitment process, of the employer's feedback but also of the reasons for the delay in the response, it was the first time I felt supported and encouraged by a recruiter. I achieved the goal but I was also impressed by the attitude, professionalism, and transparency that GiGroup showed through Ms. Preduț, throughout that process, which is why I would like to thank them. " Laurențiu Cioinac / Logistics Manager


"In May 2020, in a difficult period for all of us (due to the pandemic), I was contacted by Mădălina, following the application for a job as an SME Credit Analyst in the banking field. Everything went extremely professionally and quickly. Throughout the entire recruitment process with Mădălina’s feedback, advice, and support, I was invited from the initial interview to present my expectations regarding the potential employer, I have been clearly detailed the stages of the recruitment process and the estimated time in which I will receive an answer regarding my candidacy for that job. Our collaboration was beneficial for both parties, as, in the end, I obtained the desired position. I warmly recommend the GiGroup team and thank you Mădălina for your support in finding and obtaining this job. Finding a new job is not an easy process, but Mădălina has managed to turn this experience into a pleasant one. " Agnes Nagy / SME Credit Analyst


"My experience with GiGroup and implicitly with Mădălina was surprisingly good. In fact, it was my first experience of hiring with a recruiting company and the impression left is beyond expectations. Mădălina called me one day and told me she had a job for me. The professionalism was evident from the first phone call: she had done her homework very well and the proposal was exactly what I was looking for. The meeting with her was very pleasant, a simple and objective discussion, she presented me with the company and the advantages I would have if I make the change. She kept me up to date with the evolution of the recruitment process (which saved me a lot of turmoil). Even if it seems like a detail, for me it is the single most important thing in the recruitment process. I remember that she always surprised me by calling me on the same day as the interview to give me feedback and schedule the next stage. Now, after a year with my current employer, I realize that everything was as she presented it to me. It was the shortest (2 weeks) and the most pleasant recruitment process I went through and I thank you sincerely for the experience. '' Valentina Șomoioagă / SME Customer Advisor


"Some months ago, I was contacted by Oana Filip (from GI Group) for a new opportunity in the automotive industry as Business Analyst (a leading role that implies SAP modules like ERP system, FI&CO, PP, MM, SD, and QM). From the beginning, Oana showed a special attitude that was different from other recruiters, because she was open towards the candidate. I was very impressed and touched by her professionalism, empathy, and support that make me believe again in the Recruiting system/process. In addition, I noticed that Oana was well informed regarding that job position (tasks, all requirements) and she kept me up to date the entire process with constant and pro-active feedback. She has shown transparency and professionalism in every step of the process. Our communication exceeded my expectations. Many thanks, Oana to make me believe in people again, especially people in the HR industry." Sigina Groza / IT Strategy & Governance / Business Analyst-Master Data


''I was exposed to GiGroup, through Mrs. Madalina Simion, for a job I wanted. I was pleasantly impressed by the first interview by the special quality of the services provided and by the recruitment-selection process. I was constantly offered support and advice in choosing the best options. I confidently recommend GiGroup and I appreciate the quality of service that differentiates it in a favorable way from other companies with which I have collaborated before.'' Aristița Omelco / MTM Analyst Engineer


''I want to share with you my experience with Simona from GiGroup, who supported me the entire recruitment process. Everything started one day (more than 2 years ago) when suddenly I received an email from Simona with a job description (I have to mention that in that period I was not looking to find another job but somehow her email came at the right moment). We had a phone call while she gave me all the necessary info. We meet the next day and again very kind she answered all my questions (it was important for me to see that Simona really knows all details about that job and organization). After this, she took care to schedule the meeting with my actual employer. Everything went smooth and Simona was there whenever I needed support - we discussed before and after the interview in order to share impressions. All this experience for me was a very good one; I talked with everyone about this because for me it had a positive impact! Thank you for this pleasant experience, Simona!'' Alexandra-Diana Pantelimon / Head of Call Center Unit


''The collaboration with GiGroup goes far beyond the usual standards of communication between recruiter and candidate. The open, transparent dialogue makes you feel at ease at the interview, without perceiving the pressure of questions with a correct/incorrect tendency. There are many companies, HR departments that would easily discover in candidates the skills they are looking for if they would only give up rigid communication. Whether you are a candidate or a company asking for help from GiGroup, your experience with them will surely be different.'' Elena N – Marketing Responsible



''I am Mihaela Florea and I would like to congratulate Oana Filip, Senior Recruitment Specialist within GiGroup, for the way in which she evaluated my candidacy for the vacant position of Area Sales Supervisor within a nationally renowned company. Oana not only identified my skills and competencies for the position in question but also directed our interaction in a professional and optimistic manner, which any candidate appreciates in any recruitment process. Her openness, the explanations are given, the calm and dynamism with which she conducted the interview determine me to congratulate her and wish her success in everything she undertakes.'' Mihaela Florea – Area Sales Supervisor